chicagocollage-536310521Throughout Chicago there are a variety of one of a kind bars and clubs. However, one of them has such a unique history and interesting atmosphere that it’s no wonder that it stands out among the rest. The Liars Club In Chicago is a club that you must visit if you are in the area.

The Location
You might not be able to find The Liar’s Club unless someone points out its location to you. It’s on Fullerton between the Metra tracks and Clybourne and is relatively close to McDunna’s. It has a metal door that looks like it has seen better days. It also has yellow bricks and a tiny white and black sign. Despite this, the club is almost always crowded no matter what day of the week it is.

The Interior
One of the things that makes The Liar’s Club so unique is its interior. Once you walk up a couple of concrete stairs and enter through the door, you will discover the club has somewhat of a gothic feel. It’s dimly lit with red lights and has black interior, carpeted flooring, a black tin ceiling, padded walls and lights hanging from the ceiling with fez hat shades. You will also see Kiss figurines and music and television icons made out of velour. For newcomers the appearance can seem dark and ominous. On the first floor you will find a bar that’s pretty much always crowded as well as tables to sit at. There’s also a dance floor just past the bathrooms. Even though it’s tiny, it’s usually very crowded. Upstairs there are a few more rooms that tend to be used for private parties. Some patrons have claimed that they have felt uneasy when on the second floor and they try not to spend too much time there as they feel that it’s haunted.

The Ghosts
Many people claim that the Liar’s Club is haunted. There’s actually been quite a few murders that have taken place here. The club used to be a homeless shelter and a homeless man was killed here in 1968. Other patrons have reported seeing a ghost, who was actually killed on the second floor, hanging around the bar or having their arm tugged on even though no one is around. There have also been sightings of a man wandering up and down the stairs. With its interesting history it’s no surprise that there has been some paranormal activity here.

If you get a chance, be sure to visit The Liar’s Club. You just might come back with a tale to tell.

While in Chicago, take time to try some of the local foods the area is best known for including BBQ, deep dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches & duck fat fries.