Foods That Bring Good Luck for the New Year


j0440983It’s always interesting to hear people’s traditions, and even superstitions on how to bring luck for a new year.   Food plays a big role for many bringing in the New Year!

Here are some of the most interesting customs:

  • Eat twelve grapes – one for each chime of the clock. Make a wish for each grape.
  • Eating black eyed peas or other legume – their small appearance is said to resemble coins, and they swell when cooked so they symbolize growing wealth.
  • Eating kale, cabbage or turnip greens – greens are said to represent money/economic fortune.
  • Pork is said to symbolize progress because the animal pushes forward, rooting itself in the ground.
  • Fish is eaten often as they swim forward, hence your year will progress. Others think fish symbolize abundance since they swim in schools/groups.
  • Corn bread: Since corn is golden in color, many feel it means plenty of gold/money in the future.
  • Cakes or donuts – things that are ring shaped to symbolize going full circle.
  • Noodles – long noodles are said to bring a long life. Also an Asian custom are egg or spring rolls as they represent gold bars.Don’t eat lobster as they crawl backwards and you want to look forward to a new year, not have set backs or dwell on the past.
    Chicken is discouraged because they scratch backwards which could have the same affect as the lobster.
    Beef – cows stand still to eat so you may be stuck in a rut for the new year.Whatever you eat, we hope you are spending time with family and friends.

Read more about New Years Lucky Foods.

We wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


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