Top Chef Season 6 Episode 3


The Quick fire challenge was to take make something with potato as the featured ingredient.  The winner was Jennifer Carol. She is definitely the most talented of the female chefs.

For the elimination challenge, the remaining contestants try to serve the 300 pilots and crew from the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron based at Nellis Air Force Base with the same Pride, Precision and Professionalism on deck that the Thunderbirds show in the air.  They were all to work as a team, but were not given an idea of what ingredients or cooking conditions they would have until they arrived at the base. Back at the house, the chefs chose Jennifer to lead the team since she had immunity, while the rest split up in groups of two to cook separate dishes.  Once they arrived in the kitchen, they saw canned items and vegetables, but no stoves and no individual pans, just over sized woks and kettles. The guest judge was Colonel Mark Peel.

Greek salad, pasta salad, three bean chili with roasted chicken, braised pork shoulder with potato salad, roasted beef strip loin and chocolate bread pudding with peanut butter sauce were some of the dishes served.

Michael Voltaggio won the challenge.   Michael Isabella was brought down a notch by being in the bottom three for his bland shrimp salad, and did not take the criticism well from the judges.  In the end, Preeti was eliminated, as the judges were unimpressed by the pasta salad she and her partner Laurine prepared.

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