Top Culinary Cities for Travelers – Do You Agree?

1340 announced it’s picks for the top 10 hidden Culinary Travel Destination around the world.

1.    Bangkok, Thailand
2.    Mumbai, India
3.    Big Island, Hawaii
4.    Buenos Aires, Argentina
5.    Carmel, California
6.    Fes, Morocco
7 .   Walla Walla, Washington
8.    Southwest London, U.K.
9.    Wellfleet, Massachusetts
10.  Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, British West Indies

Interesting list! In recent years, Vegas has opened some amazing restaurants and could easily be included as a top culinary destination. I would have also listed New York, New Orleans Provence and Tuscany.

What are your picks for the best places to “wow” your palate?

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