What’s In Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate Around The World?


What kind of Valentine’s Day chocolate is your favorite? Do you like it with caramel, peanuts or just plain? Chocolate around the world can be, well, interesting. Would you opt for any of these chocolates on Valentine’s Day? If you’re significant other is not into entomophagy we don’t recommend buying any of the types of chocolate listed below.

  • Australia- In some of the less populated areas in Australia the residents put witchetty grubs into their chocolate. The grubs taste similar to almonds.
  • Brazil- If you are in Brazil and see any huge, winged ants flying around, don’t just kill them. Some Brazilians wait all year for them to emerge since they only come from underground in October and November. They are then dipped in chocolate and eaten. Supposedly they add a minty flavor to the chocolate.
  • China- Water bugs are commonly put in chocolate in China. It’s not uncommon to find bugs of all sorts in other foods as well. You never really can tell what kind of bugs are in your chocolate when you are in China.
  • Japan- This country is known for their interesting food choices and chocolate is no exception. In Japan you can find everything from grasshoppers to cicadas in the chocolate. Another interesting additive, that we just might try if we get the chance, is green tea.
  • Mexico- Mexicans don’t run from locusts, they put them in their chocolate! It gives it quite the crunch. They also will sometimes throws worms in there as well.
  • The Netherlands- Mealworms don’t just live in the ground in the Netherlands. They are often added to the chocolate. They are usually ground up so you won’t even know you are eating chocolate with mealworms in it unless you read the ingredients on the label.
  • South America- If you’ve eaten chocolate in South America that’s red, it probably didn’t get it’s color because of some sort of dye. A native insect, the cochineal, is often put into the chocolate produced here.
  • Thailand- Bugs of all kinds are snacked on in Thailand. There really isn’t much off limits because not only is cooking up bugs economical, but they taste great if they are cooked right. In Thailand they don’t necessarily have a bug of choice that they prefer to throw in their chocolate. Just know that if it’s an insect, it will probably make its way into not only the chocolate, but almost anything you eat in this country.
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