Top Chef Season 6 : Las Vegas


Last night was the season premier of Top Chef Season 6, Las Vegas on BravoTV.  Seventeen new “cheftestants” compete to win the title of Top Chef and $100,000.

One thing that stood out immediately, is that there seemed to be much more experienced chefs among these contestants than in previous seasons. Also never featured a family rivalry…two talented brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio will battle for the title.

The quick fire challenge placed contestants in groups for a relay race that involved shucking 16 clams, peeling 30 prawns, cleaning 5 lobsters and butchering two chop for prime rib.

For the elimination challenge, contestants have to choose a personal vice and cook to express their bad habits through food. Of course many had similar vices of alcohol or smoking. Wolfgang Puck appeared as a guest judge.  The winner was Kevin Gillspie for his Arctic Char with Salsa Verde of Turnips. I personally thought that Michael Voltaggio’s vice of voluptuous women, was brought out creatively through his “rack” of lamb and coconut sauce, as well as the alcohol vice brought out in Jennifer Carroll’s dish, poached halibut with whiskey, bouron and scotch sauce.

If you love to cook, this is the show for you, as I have to say out of all the shows, this is where I have learned the most. 

So, any first impressions on who will make it to the finale?
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