Foodie Road Trip Day 3 : Charleston


We woke up to cold and rainy weather, and the forecast called for rain all day for the next two days.  We are only in town for two more days, so we set out to find things to do.  Just a few blocks away from the hotel, we went to the Charleston’s visitors center. I have to say that it was one of the nicest and most modern visitors centers I have seen.  It was clear with the amount of room in the entrance area, that during the peak summer months there are tons of busses that come through the visitors center.We purchased a Carta pass for the day which was $5.00 versus for the entire day, versus $1.50 each time you boarded the trolley. We took the trolley down to market street. We walked the market street and French quarter few a few hours.

For lunch we went to Hominy Grill. Many famous people have eaten there including Anthony Bourdain and Anthony Hopkins.  There was a line outside when we arrived. After about 20 minutes, we were seated. The menu was not as varied as I expected. We ordered a variety of items again including corn bread, grits, fried chicken breast, a red rice omelet and a fried pork chop sandwich with chili on top.  The signature dish there is the shrimp and grits, but that plate was $16.95 versus an average of $7 to $10 on all of the other menu items.  The food portions and service were good. The food was okay – but my expectation was to be “wowed” after reading many rave reviews online, and I was not.

Later in the day we signed up for a Ghost tour of the Haunted Old Jail. It is a long walk from where you sign up for the tour to meet up with the group, so we would recommend you drive or take a cab. Prior to the tour we had a slice of pizza at a small pizza place called Andolini’s in downtown Charleston and a margarita at Hacienda on King Street.  The margarita was 60 ounces for just $7.99. Warm chips and salsa are complimentary.  We did not order any entrees, but they were all reasonably priced.

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