Culinary Attractions in Dubai


Dubai is a food lover’s paradise. Filled with everything from traditional restaurants, quaint cafes and intriguing shops, it difficult to not be pleasantly overwhelmed with all of the food options here. For those that get the chance to visit Dubai, there are a variety of culinary attractions to indulge in.

Deira Fish Market
Even if you don’t plan on purchasing any fish (which a lot of travelers don’t because they don’t have a way to cook it), you still should visit the Deira Fish Market as it truly is a unique experience. It’s interesting to watch the fish being prepared and visitors trying to haggle their way into getting good deal. Both the stall-holders and the patrons tend to be friendly and it’s a very lively experience. In addition to the fresh meat selection that features large carcasses on display, there is a fruit and vegetable market that features a lot of different local produce. Stall-holders are often more than willing to let visitors sample some of their items. Other food items available to purchase include honey, dates and almonds.

The Coffee Museum
For those that want to escape some of the midday heat, the Coffee Museum will suffice. This small little museum offers visitors the chance to learn about the history of coffee and how the way it’s brewed has changed over the years. They will also be able to taste some of the coffee that’s been fresh brewed using a method that’s more than 300 years old.

Street Food
Dubai is known to have some of the best street food in the world. Since you will probably be walking around quite a bit you might as well try as much of it as you can. However, there are some things that you should know. The food can be spicy so pay attention to what you are ordering and try to sample a few items if you can. Dishes that feature camels are also very popular. It’s not uncommon to see it being sold virtually everywhere. The locals love the rich flavor and the tender meat.  If you aren’t keen on trying camel, choose another authentic dish like the Shawarma. It basically consists of meat and spices in a wrap. If you find the flavor to be too strong, add in some extra mint sauce to tone it down. There are also other versions of it available like the chicken shawarma that uses a garlic sauce that makes the dish tangy rather than spicy.

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