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Does anyone know about the food museums in the US? We all love to eat, right? It’s no wonder that there are a variety of museums throughout the U.S. that are dedicated to our love of food. These are the top food museums that are located throughout the United States.

Spam Museum In Austin, MN

Calling all Spam lovers! This 14,000-square foot museum replaced the original Spam museum that was located at Hormel Foods. Even if you are not that into Spam, you can still appreciate all of the exhibits. Visitors can learn a lot about the history of Spam, including how it was important for the United States military. Favorite exhibits include the bluegrass instruments that are actually made out of Spam cans, a Spam can conveyor and a 12-foot Spam rocket. There’s also a children’s play area, a theatre and a gift shop. Most of the activities here are interactive which really lends itself to the experience. If you haven’t tried Spam before or are just feeling particularly hungry, don’t worry as there will be “Spamples” available (Spam samples).

Museum of Food & Drink In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Museum of Food & Drink in Williamsburg, Brooklyn also known as the MOFAD, is rather large as it’s nearly the size of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of the most popular attractions here, besides the food, is the smell synthesizer. It allows you to push a button and smell a variety of scents like nail polish remover or smoke. Visitors are given a tablet that they can suck on that can either taste like salt, mushrooms or tomatoes.

Museum of Ice Cream In New York

Opening in 2017, the Museum of Ice Cream in New York has a lot of interactive features. There’s a rainbow sprinkle pool that’s edible, a chocolate room, edible balloons and a large ice cream sundae that’s bound to be the biggest one you’ve ever seen. Of course, there’s plenty of ice cream to sample along the way.

Southern Food and Beverage Museum, New Orleans

This museum celebrates foods that are common in the south. Visitors can see demonstrations, listen to lectures, see exhibits and take part in tastings. If you have ever wondered how certain foods became popular in the south, this is the place to go to learn about the influence that various cultures have had. The museum was previously located in Riverwalk Marketplace when it first opened in 2008, but has since moved to its current location at Dryades Street Market.

Wilbur Chocolate Candy Americana Museum in Pennsylvania

First opened in 1972, this museum was created by Penny Buzzard who was the wife of former Wilbur Chocolate President, John Buzzard. She gathered chocolate memorabilia from flea markets and antique shows to display in the museum. In 1977, a modern candy kitchen opened onsite as well. While at the museum you can watch a video of how chocolate is made and view some of the antique candy memorabilia that’s on display here. There’s also plenty of different types of chocolate available to purchase.

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