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Another Foodie Friday Recipe from ReneeYemma.com.
Being a born and raised South Floridian, I’m not a huge fan of the winter cold.
But, since having experienced real seasons (for the very first time!) in Virginia for three years, I now have an amazing appreciation for living in harmony with the seasons and seasonal eating. Warming foods are perfect for wintry, sunless days (and something I crave BIG TIME during the cold months!).

I love making soups in big batches so I can have them ready to go for the week and also to freeze so I can pull out on a later date when I’m not in the mood to cook lunch or dinner (or even breakfast!).

So this week I thought I’d feature Minestrone Soup.  I tell ya!  Once you make this from scratch,  you’ll never want the canned version again.  It’s that good!  And, SO easy!  The only time consuming part is cutting up your veggies.

If you don’t get in the kitchen much and don’t have ONE high quality knife, you’ll want to get one because it will make your cooking and chopping experience so much better and so much more fun! If you truly want to reconnect with your kitchen, you’ve gotta buy a good quality chef’s knife.  You don’t need to buy the entire block. Just one will do. :)

So, what I’ve done today is really break down some of the veggie chopping process to make it easier for you when you cook this fabulous soup. I’m VERY visual and I know just how helpful pictures are when you’re not really sure how to chop or even what to do next.

Alright! Let’s get started! OH YEAH!!

Recipe from ReneeYemma.com – Minestrone Soup

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