Vietnamese Cooking


Vietnamese cooking can seem intimidating to those that have never made it before. The ingredients may be a lot different than what you are used to, but the end result is an amazing, flavorful dish that isn’t that difficult to put together. Before trying to make a few signature dishes, you must learn some of the common ways that Vietnamese food is cooked.

Fried. These types of foods are cooked in a lot of oil at a high temperature. They generally consist of meat that is added to vegetables once it’s finished cooking.

Fresh wrap. This method of cooking allows you to make a healthy dish fairly easily. You simple broil vegetables and then wrap them in rice paper and dip the final product in a variety of sauces before eating.

Steaming. Vietnamese food that is steamed is often done some in a woven bamboo steamer. It’s used to cook seafood or rice. It’s a great way to cook a healthy dish that doesn’t contain oil.

Stewing. When dishes are made using stewing methods it takes a long time to cook them. They are put in a clay pot and cooked for hours until the ingredients, which are often meat, are tender.

Bop Thau. This type of cooking method simply involves preparing seafood or meat with vinegar and lime before cooking.

What To Make

Beverage Soda Chanh Muoi. This drink is fairly easy to make. You must fire pickle limes in salt. You then squeeze out the juice and add it to club soda.

Soup Pho. This noodle soup is made by creating stock from boiling animal bones in water for hours. Rice noodles, meat, vegetables and spices are added to the stock and the ingredients are simmered until everything is tender.

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