Burger King Announces Whopper Bar to open in South Beach


“USA Today” reports that Burger King will unveil plans to open a new Whopper Bar in the Miami Beach South Beach area. The Whopper Bar will sell beer and burgers and is designed to compete with casual dining restaurants. This South Beach Whopper bar is scheduled to open in mid-February. The restaurant will also offer delivery of all items except beer to local customers, a walk-up window for orders and an outdoor dining area. They will offer variations of the Whopper including including an exclusive addition: the Black & Bleu Steakhouse XT and over 20 sauces for customers to chose from.

A beer at the new Whopper Bar — served in special aluminum bottles to keep them extra cold — is expected to cost $4.25. There will also beĀ  Whopper combo options with a beer will cost $7.99 — about $2 more than the same meal with a fountain drink. So what kind of beer will they sell? The restaurant will initially sell Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors beers.

If you are a beer lover don’t get your hopes up because it is reported that the plans don’t include selling beer at conventional Burger Kings.

More Whopper Bars could be coming to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, says Chuck Fallon, president of Miami-based Burger King North America. CNNMoney.com reports that “The Whopper Bar concept was introduced in March 2008, and the first bar opened a year later at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. Burger King has also opened bars in Munich, Singapore and Venezuela.”

Currently only Burger Kings in Germany and Whopper Bars in Singapore and Venezuela sell beer. This will be the first BK brand in the United States to sell beer.

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