Less Popular Markets To Visit


Throughout many cities tourists can visit a market to pick up a few one of a kind items. Some of the best markets aren’t that popular, but have some great products. While the following markets aren’t that well-known they are definitely worth the visit if you are in the area.

Thanon Khao San Market, Bangkok
A wide variety of items can be found here. There’s everything from fake ID’s to selfie sticks. This is a great stop for tourists that want to bring back something for their relatives other than the traditional “I Love Bangkok” t-shirt. While t-shirts can be found here, many of them have obscenities on them that wouldn’t be appropriate to give to Grandma.

Queen’s Market, Long
Being that this market is located in Upton Park, it’s not frequented often by tourists. However, locals have been coming here for years. At Queen’s Market you can find a wide variety of items at a good price. In fact, this market is considered to be one of the least expensive ones in London. There are approximately 80 stalls and 60 shops located here.

The Marché International De Rungis, Paris
Despite this being the world’s largest wholesale food market, not a lot of tourists know about it. It spans 232 hectares and mostly features a variety of food items. Here you can find everything from dairy products to fresh fish in large quantities. This can be daunting to tourists who probably don’t need to buy bulk food items while on vacation. However, it’s worth stopping at as some of the vendors may allow you to buy less of an item they normally sell in bulk just to get you to purchase something. If you do plan on visiting here, remember that it can get quite crowded as more than 20,000 people visit the market each year. If you are intimidated by it, but still want to check it out, consider getting up early and going on a guided market visit. They occur anywhere from 4:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. and afterwards participants can stick around for some breakfast.

Ten Katemarket, Amsterdam
Located in the residential neighborhood of Amsterdam West, this market is in the middle of a busy shopping area. It features more than 100 stands. Many of these stands sell produce, fresh foods and flowers. After stopping at the market you can also get a bite to eat as there are a number of cafes and restaurants nearby.

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