If Your Favorite Destination Were An Ice Cream Flavor


If Your Favorite Destination Were An Ice Cream Flavor

The ice cream you choose can say a lot about you and not just your tastebuds. Those that aren’t very adventurous do often choose plain flavors without a lot of add ins while those that are more willing to try new things tend to choose some pretty wild flavors. You favorite countries may have some things in common with this savory treat. If your favorite destination were an ice cream flavor, here’s what it would be.

Vanilla Ice Cream

While some people might think this is just a plain, basic ice cream flavor, it is a classic. If Antarctica were an ice cream flavor, it would probably be vanilla ice cream. It’s minimalistic and has an overall simple beauty that can’t be touched. It’s perfect just the way it is without adding anything to it.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Those who like strawberry ice cream tend to like new adventures and a little something different. This ice cream flavor perfectly represents Australia. The country is full of activities for those who are feeling energetic.

Coffee Ice Cream

This ice cream flavor isn’t just for anyone. You either love it or you hate it. The same can be said for Russia. Those who like coffee ice cream generally love to hangout in coffee shops by themselves while getting lost in a good book or on their laptop.

Chocolate Ice Cream

When many people think of chocolate ice cream it brings about a happy feeling. This is similar to the country of Denmark. It’s been nominated as the happiest place in the world many times. It’s cozy and friendly and it brings people together, just like chocolate ice cream does.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Only the cool kids tend to go for this ice cream flavor. France can very much relate to mint chocolate chip ice cream as it’s loved by a lot of people and it’s where others go to have a good time. The flavors are diverse, yet classic, just like France.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Not only does cookie dough ice cream taste great, but it’s beautiful to look at. There’s a lot of intricate details to the makeup of it, just like with Italy. It’s not too crazy, despite having a few different flavor combinations.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

This ice cream is enjoyed by those looking for something different. With all of it’s added ingredients, it can have a rough texture. Just like Andorra that tends to be very rugged, rocky road is best for those that tend to be adventurous and like to try new things.

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